June 2, 2023


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A Brief Primer On How To Evaluate Finance And Accounting Technologies For Your Business

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If you are a finance or accounting chief, you almost certainly get pitched frequently by product sales persons for a new reporting instrument or business useful resource preparing (ERP) method. Each and every one claims to “save you time and revenue,” “help you make greater decisions” and “get you out of spreadsheet hell.” But if you have any ERP battle scars, you know that ERP implementations generally fall short. I am quite professional-tech, but for particular and effectively thought out use conditions. I wrote the pursuing write-up to talk about when it makes feeling to bring in technological know-how, and where it is truly worth the danger.

Criteria To Bring In Tech

I split finance/accounting operational tech into two camps: efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness solutions are people that help save you time and money and enhance precision. Performance will help you make much better conclusions.

“Saving Time” Pitfalls

What does it suggest to help save time? Is the time saved truly worth conserving? What will you do with the saved time? Conserving time ordinarily falls into two types: both you can reduce aspect or all of a occupation, or you can make a choice/procedure a lot quicker.

In reducing a task, you cannot do away with a partial head. If you just can’t establish the man or woman or folks who will be enable go when you put into practice the new technological innovation, then the headcount revenue personal savings are not there. If you cannot detect the new functions the saved time will be used for, then there are no authentic efficiencies attained. The harsh truth is that most “time savers” just make existing processes a lot quicker with no precise substance acquire. While it’s fantastic to make your team members’ life easier, is that handful of hours’ personal savings value tens of hundreds if not hundreds of 1000’s of bucks of implementation and upkeep time and fees?

If the technology is going to make a approach or conclusion-making more rapidly, question you what you would do with that further time. Do you need to make a more rapidly choice? What materially will occur if you can act a lot quicker? If you can’t quantify the achieve, then it is more difficult to justify the financial commitment.

What Does A “Better Decision” Glance Like?

Reviews and metrics are only as excellent as the actions they instigate. When another person says a report or new technologies will aid you make far better conclusions, or even much better “data-driven” conclusions, inquire oneself the following:

1. What selections do you would like you experienced greater knowledge for?

2. If you had that data, or experienced it quicker, what would the “better” selection seem like?

3. How substantially money would you make or help you save with the “better” decision?

If you can not feel of what content decisions you would make with the engineering staying offered to you, it almost certainly isn’t really worth the financial investment.

Least complicated Wins With Automation In Finance And Accounting

Odds are, you are likely to be pitched an automation device. There are some procedures that are ideal for automation. Look at each process by the lens of process as opposed to judgment. Automating judgment is expensive and time consuming. You can get the best worth by just automating the route and criteria-pushed duties. If the technological innovation can help in making far better judgment calls, all the improved. But having the judgment out of the arms of the determination maker exposes you to pitfalls higher than the probable reward, in my feeling.

A typical listing of the popular processes to automate:

1. Journey and cost (T&E).

2. Reimbursements.

3. Financial institution and other back links to normal ledger.

4. Procurement.

Every single of these processes is criteria driven and has a major volume of handbook exertion.

Practical Issues With Tech Implementations

Tech is good, but the satan is in the operational aspects. Make absolutely sure you have a superior respond to to the pursuing queries just before you think about bringing on any tech.

1. Who will individual the implementation?

This will be a blend of your inside workforce, both of those technological innovation aid and matter issue professionals, as effectively as an outside implementer — that is unless of course you have a considerably robust program administration business. Determine these people today promptly and get their obtain-in for the project and the time financial investment, or you risk a failed implementation. Don’t forget to get the spending plan accredited for exterior resources.

2. Who will possess the servicing of the tech as soon as it is applied? Do you have the interior ability set, or do you have to employ out?

Determine this out quickly and get commitments to time and budgets just before you start out utilizing. If you have to use outdoors your organization, make positive you have a timetable, job specs and HR/recruiting teed up. Also, make confident you have the operational techniques for how to control the tech reviewed and accepted by IT and the end users prior to you get too considerably down the implementation path. This will enable protect against a hole concerning what you assumed you ended up obtaining versus what you really executed.


The best metric to use to examine any finance or accounting technological know-how implementation is do the gains of superior final decision-building additionally time/dollars financial savings outweigh the charges (cash and time) to put into action and manage. Pair that with an sincere solution of if the gains furnished will in fact be utilized and appear to fruition, and you have a fantastic conditions template for analyzing finance and accounting engineering.

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