June 2, 2023


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Advertising and marketing law legend Brenda Pritchard explains how it is done

“Unless you have a brand title like Viagra, which all people presently knows what it was for, it is hard to occur throughout with one thing intriguing and that another person would want to request their health care provider about,” says Pritchard. Often, Canadians observing U.S. television commercials can figure issues out due to the fact drug advertising and marketing in that place is permitted to be more unique in linking a drug with signs and symptoms or situations.

Social media marketing, this sort of as Facebook and YouTube, has also meant finding out how to efficiently use these equipment inside of approved legislation. With social media platforms evolving speedily, advertisers have experienced to successfully discover how to use every new resource, suggests Pritchard. “We like to say it is about understanding how to go from ‘boob tube to YouTube’ and learning about new and transforming social media platforms.”

Pritchard claims that comparative marketing is an additional fascinating space for advertising and promoting lawyers, specified trademark and copyright laws. For illustration, she notes the Copyright Act states that an advertiser can’t reproduce a competitor’s packaging since that could be copyright infringement. If an advertiser needs to compare its laundry detergent with Tide, Pritchard says it “would require to mock up an orange box with some thing bluish on it.”

The use of comparative advertising in the battery small business also demonstrates some of the promoting challenges. For illustration, Pritchard details to the circumstance of Energizer versus Duracell batteries. Just one advert campaign depicted a mechanical bunny, symbolizing the former, that stopped working even though the latter’s mechanical toy kept on going. The difficulty was, Pritchard says, exams confirmed there was not materially considerably distinction involving the two brand names when it arrived to battery longevity. And, to boot, Duracell was “messing around” with the trademarked Energizer bunny.

In this fight, argued by Gowling, Energizer was effective in getting an injunction on this ad just prior to Christmas, a significant time in the battery biz.