December 8, 2022


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Enterprise Application Integration For SAP by Commerce Systems

SAP ecommerce solutions are the most common business applications used by companies in every walk of life. Today, SAP is one of the most widely used ERP (Enterprise Recurring Rupturing) software. SAP’s mission is to provide business applications that can be customized according to a company’s requirements. With its deep understanding of how people interact with each other, SAP has created a versatile technology that will help organizations achieve maximum return on investment. SAP solutions integrate seamlessly into various stages of an online business process. In fact, SAP has even achieved great success because of the ease with which it integrates into different types of business processes.

SAP Commerce Accelerator

To accelerate the time taken for the go-to-business in the B2B process, the SAP e Commerce platform provides a service called the SAP Commerce Accelerator. This solution fits perfectly into companies who prioritize speed over everything else and meets their exact needs. The first step in integrating this solution into your company is to purchase the license for SAP Commerce. Once you have acquired this license, all you need to do is sign up and go to the portal for installation. Installation will not take long and once you have entered your login data, you can already start using the SAP e Commerce platform.

The SAP ecommerce platform integration ensures smooth and hassle free transactions for business people across the globe. SAP’s cloud integration platform allows seamless connectivity from the SAP Business Information Warehouse to the SAP e commerce site. The solution also offers access from any browser to the SAP Commerce server, irrespective of the system installed. With cloud integration, SAP can also provide data cleansing and data restoration services, at any time, anywhere. SAP Business Intelligence BIW comes as an easy to use solution for your SAP ecommerce sales business. It helps you provide dynamic solutions to your customers at a higher level.

Customized Solutions For Every Business Function

The best part about SAP is its ability to deliver customized solutions for every business function. For instance, SAP Business Intelligence BIW provides business intelligence and statistical reports that are accurate, comprehensive, and well organized. By combining these reports with online stores and shopping carts, you can easily improve the conversion rates of your customers. You can create in depth product visualization with the help of SAP Business Information Warehouse BIW and optimize the efficiency of your online stores. You can also improve the conversion of leads into sales by creating prospect and customer profile segmentation and grouping. This makes it easier for sales professionals to identify potential customers and convert them into actual sales.

Extensive Support For Web Analytics

Another important facet of SAP ecommerce integration is its extensive support for web analytics. SAP Business Intelligence BIW offers a full-featured web analytics solution that tracks the behavior of your website visitors and helps you understand the reasons behind their decisions. With the help of this solution, you can gain a deeper insight into your customer’s preferences and activities to make your online stores more user friendly and successful. In addition to tracking website visitor behavior, this solution leverages IBM’s WebSphere Analytics to ensure the design and layout of your website is conducive to customer engagement. As a result, you can maximize the potential of your storefront by incorporating user experience improvements like tab browsing and multiple page navigation.

To ensure optimal usage of SAP ERP in an ecommerce environment, business partners should work together to integrate the entire enterprise application. This will help you leverage all the available functionality of the ERP solution without complicating the business processes. The ecommerce data feed should be properly defined so that all data and functionality can be accessed in a unified fashion. To simplify the deployment process, many webstore development companies offer hosted SDKs for easy integration with SAP Business Intelligence BIW and other supporting applications. If you choose to outsource to the hosted area, ensure that the service provider has in-house expert programmers who are proficient with the integration process of SAP ERP.