June 6, 2023


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How Microsoft is marketing Windows 11

The working program is “all about the expertise, it’s all about feeling it— and that is what we genuinely needed to appear across in the advertisement, the emotion of immersion and fluidity,” suggests Kathleen Corridor, Microsoft’s corporate VP for brand, promoting and analysis.

“The way we all dwell now in our PCs, you get deep, you get immersed sometimes,” she provides. “The extra we can do to form of get out of the way to facilitate your personal stream is truly what the philosophy of the running technique is all about. We check out to depict that in that ad and that is why we went to this fantasy journey.”

The marketing campaign features media purchases on YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Instagram and TikTok, as very well as outdoor adverts in important metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The buzz for Home windows releases may never ever again arrive at the amount accomplished 26 decades in the past when Windows 95 arrived out. It was backed by a significant campaign that created use of the Rolling Stones’ “Start me up,”  as nicely as “Friends” stars Jennifer Anniston and Mathew Perry. 

But the operating process updates keep on being a substantial priority for Microsoft, which in accordance to CNBC nonetheless generates 14% of its revenue from Windows. The past edition, Home windows 10, arrived out in 2015. 

“Windows is no lengthier the beating coronary heart of Microsoft the organization has diversified its offerings, with cloud providers this kind of as Azure or Microsoft 365 playing a extra central function in the company’s revenue generation and growth,” J. P. Gownder, a principal analyst at Forrester, stated in an email interview. 

“That mentioned, Windows remains suitable, both to Microsoft and to end users: We uncovered in the course of the pandemic that, for all the time we shell out on our telephones, PCs engage in a enormous function in connecting personnel (and people) digitally. Windows PCs will be central to the results of the greatest modify in a era to how we work—hybrid work that spans household places of work and company workplaces,” Gownder said.

Curiosity about the most up-to-date variation is exemplified by the approximately 7 million sights drawn by a video Microsoft posted on YouTube in late June that plugs Home windows 11 attributes.