June 2, 2023


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Residential Solar Panel Installation in New Orleans and the Benefits You Can Get From It

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Residential solar panels users are rising in numbers because they come to realize the benefits they can get from it. Shifting to solar energy as the source of electricity is not that easy, it is a big decision to make since it involves investing large sums of money. But once you see the benefits of residential solar panel installation in New Orleans you would want to have one. 

Solar power is generated from the sun and it has been used for long years. With this span of time it has been proven to be able to support the need of a home to power up their household. That’s why more and more people are looking forward to using it for their homes. 

How much Will Solar Panel Cost for Home

Solar panels for house cost  would depend on how many kilowatts your home will need. A 5 KW system can cost an average of $20,950 less 30% federal tax. If you are planning to have8 to 10 years.  solar panel home installation then you should start saving budget for it, it may cost a big expense at once but you can get ROI in 8 to 10 years. Adding up all the money you have saved from paying your monthly electricity Bills for how many years then you can get your money back and even more. Solar panels are designed to last for 15 to 25 years. This means more savings for you and having one installed is worth it after all.

What are the benefits I can get from  Residential Solar Systems

Sustainable Power Source 

The main reason why electricity bills are soaring high every month is because of the scarcity of it’s source which is coming from fossil fuels. However, in using solar energy, it can never run out of course since it is coming from the sun. Even if the sun is not out all day, the solar panel still has the capacity to gather energy from it, the only concern is it will gather lower energy in places where the sun is not always out. 

Maintenance Cost is Minimal 

Maintaining the solar power system regularly will prevent it from getting major damages. It can save you from further cost. 

More Savings 

As mentioned earlier once you start using the solar power system as your power source , then your electricity bills can lower to up to 80%. Eliminating it is possible depending on energy usage and on the type of solar panel system  you will avail. 

Types of Residential Solar Installation

Off Grid Solar Panel System 

This type of solar panel system is not connected to the electricity grid which means it works solely. You can only depend on the solar energy produced by your solar power system. This type of solar power system is often accompanied by batteries. Batteries are needed to store excess energy collected by solar panels, in this way you can use the energy saved during the time when sun is not up or you can use this during power outages. It will serve as your power reserve. 

On-Grid Solar Panel System 

This type of solar panel system is connected to the electricity grid. It means you can still get electricity from the power grid and at the same time from your solar power system. The mechanics of this type of solar power system is ; if power collected from the sun is not enough then you can use electricity from the grid. On the other hand if the solar energy collected exceeds your usage, it can be reverted to the grid and you can get credit from it. 

A residential solar panel system can be a good investment to make since you can help in the recovery of the environment as well as rip all the benefits mentioned. You can get residential solar panel installation in New Orleans  residential solar panel installation services companies. They will be much willing to inspect the tour area and make quotations on the materials and type of solar power system that is ideal for your home. Home solar system prices may be expensive but considering all the savings you can have it will still be a wise decision to shift your energy source to solar ones.