May 30, 2024


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Web Hosting Security: 10 Factors To Look For In a Web Hosting Plan

What is Website Hosting? (+How to Find the Best Web Host for You)

Web hosting, like any other online service, requires security of high end. These platforms are very sensitive to viruses and online hazards like DDoS attacks, data theft, and other threats. Web hosting security is a paramount concern for the hosting industry and the host owners.

When you buy a domain name and hosting server resources, you are consuming an online space. It means you are choosing to trust the best of Australian Web Hosts with your website and online presence altogether. 

It might be anything: cloud hosting, dedicated server, shared hosting, VPS; Australia has it all. But there are certain things that you must always consider while choosing your web hosting plan. 

Let’s dive deeper into this discussion and seek the best secure web hosting plan in Australia.

10 Determining Factors Of The Most Secure Web Hosting Plan

  • Data Backups And Recovery Availability

Regular and periodic data backups are an irreplaceable process when it comes to hosting and website servers. Data loss is a very common thing due to various reasons like accidents and data theft. Along with backups, disaster data recovery should be possible with your server providers. 

  • Regulated Access To Information

Restricted and regulated access to sensitive information is necessary. Ensure that your web host has limited access to the physical servers and the virtual machines in order to ensure your website’s security. 

  • Integration Of Firewall

A firewall is basically a wall between your website and the online world. It protects the data and content on your website from being tangible to outsiders, some of whom are potential attackers.

  • Malware Detection and Elimination

The monitoring tools should be able to detect malware in the servers and systems. Along with the detection, elimination and complete removal of that malware should be done by the tools. 

  • Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Your web host must have monitoring solutions that are on the lookout for any sign of danger to your website. This will detect attacks, faltering systems, breakdowns, etc., in the server. This also calls for reporting tools that will report the issues as soon as the monitoring tools detect them. 

  • SSL Certificate-Secured

SSL certificate, short for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate, is a digital certificate that signifies secured and encrypted transmission of data from any browser to your website server. This certificate is held as the standard of safety by search engines. Hence, ensure that the SSL certificate is included in the plan because it signifies the level of security.

  • Hardware and Software Security

The physical security of the hardware of your web host is as important as the security of virtual softwares. Antivirus, antimalware, firewall, etc., are necessary for your software security. Electricity generators, security cameras, motion detectors, etc., are important for hardware security.

  • Preventing DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks) overwhelm the server by sending numerous requests at the same time from different bots. Ensure that your host has tools that can prevent the attacks.

  • Secure Operating System Software

Use verified and trustworthy operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS, etc. This makes it easier for servers to function due to the compatibility, and they are secure compared to other unverified ones. 

  • Open cPanel Access

Having open access to the cPanel of the physical server is a great advantage since it gives you the freedom to customise the configuration and settings. It can be useful in the times of accidents and attacks on your server.

Wrapping It Up

To choose the right web hosting plan and provider, you need to consider your website’s safety. Your website contains sensitive information, business data, content, and various files that make you vulnerable to many hazards. 

Security should be the foremost concern in front of you. The abovementioned factors are must-haves for your website and web hosting plan. 

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