May 28, 2024


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What Are The Characteristics of a Good Website?

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Wise says, “First impression is your last impression”. However, in this digital world, the website is the one through which 94% of users evaluate your business impression, credibility, and reputation. 

Thus, when it comes to creating websites in New Zealand, you must ensure they will be created well to leave a positive impression among users and enhance their experience. 

So, before creating a website, you must look for reliable NZ Web Hosting and Domain Hosting in NZ, as they will set the foundation and identity of your website in this online environment. 

After that, stay with us to explore some of the essential characteristics of a good website in this article; let’s begin.

Characteristics Of A Good Website Design

  • Easy Navigation 

Easy and appropriate navigation is one of the most critical aspects of increasing user engagement and reducing bounce rates. 


Thus, it is essential to link the relevant sections and contents from each other.

  • Impressive Design and Quality Visuals 

It is observed that 75% credibility of your website comes from your design, and don’t forget to add that qualitative visuals are one of the main aspects that contribute to your website design. 

So, use media such as pictures, animation, GIFs, or videos of high resolution that overall give the look of premium website design and enhance the trust of your visitors.

  • Relevant Content 

Content is the king of every website, which makes it essential that your content is to the point, readable, and relevant to each web page and section underneath. 

It is what can crack the deal and entice the users to take the actions you want them to take. Thus, a good website is what has good content.

  • Faster Loading Times

According to statistics, a slow-loading website can lead to a loss of business revenue of over  $2.6 billion each year. 

Most website users will not like to come again on the slow loading websites. It adversely affects the SEO rankings, user engagement, and more. So, a faster-loading website is one of the indications of a great website or vice versa.

  • Device Responsive

According to the studies, 74% of website users are more likely to return to this website. Undoubtedly, not every user will operate your website from a laptop or desktop; many use mobile phones and tablets to surf your websites. 

Thus, it is essential to have a website that can easily change its font media and other element sizes according to the screen size of different devices used by your website users.

  • SEO Optimized  

The other most important characteristic of a good website that helps it to become great is the implementation of SEO techniques. 

A good website must have SEO-optimized meta tags, content, appropriate links, and more.

  • Clear CTA’s

CTA stands for Call to Action like “Buy Now,” “Add to Cart,” “Proceed for Payment,” “Subscribe,” etc. A good website will ensure a clear CTA placed in relevant places. 

Moreover, these CTA are highlighted in different colors and big font sizes, easily visible to users.

Final Thoughts

By understanding the essence of a great website, you can design one. Thus, list the website’s essential features and work towards them. 

However, don’t forget to invest in reliable website hosting in NZ. Web Hosting in NZ will help you host or present your well-created website in front of this online world by ensuring higher uptime, reliability, and security. 

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